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WordPress Pulse

WordPress is a software platform the powers your website and it requires software updates to keep it running fast, smoothly and securely. Updates are released often and must be applied to both to WordPress core (the main operating system of the website) and plug-ins (3rd party software) in order to keep the site functioning and healthy.

Site Minions will perform these updates and backup your site in the event the website is ever hacked or, for whatever reason, your website’s hosting fails.

Hosting clients receives 10% discounts on maintenance plans

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U.S. Based Support Team
Premium Support
Off-Site Backups
Emergency Site Restore
FREE Website Migration
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Database Optimization
Daily Security Scans For Malware
Weekly Theme & Plugin Updates
Google Analytics Connected
Premium Plugins (Free)
WooCommerce Support
Broken Link Checking
Daily Performance & Speed Scans
Content Delivery Network
Performance Optimization
Small Tasks *
Publishing Tasks **
Complete Malware Removal

All plans backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. No long-term contract.

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A small task refers to any minor site modifications under 30 minutes in length.

 Covers the following:

  • content modifications
  • embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo
  • add content to an existing page
  • swapping out an image / logo

If a task requires more time to complete, it will be billed at $70 per additional 30 minutes.

All content will be supplied by the client.

No, there are no long-term contract agreements. You are free to cancel your plan at any time. We want you to continue using Site Minions because you love it. It’s that simply. 

Of course, you may upgrade or downgrade at any time. We’ll pro-rate the monthly or annual bill accordingly.

To be able to manage all aspects of a WordPress website we need access these things:

  1. Administrator level access to WordPress admin.
  2. Access to your hosting account & database

Typically, we will always create our own user account, so that we don’t have conflicts with password resets and also so that its easy to remove our user account should our services no longer be needed.

A website that loads quickly is important for your users and search engines such as Google.

As part of Enterprise Plan, we include some key performance optimization to help your site load faster. These include:

  • Install and configure a caching plugin.
  • Optimize/compress your websites images.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins and themes.
  • Monitor website speed.
  • Fix performance red flag issues that come up on an ongoing basis.

WooCommerce support  covers the following: 

  • Installation of the WooCommerce core plugin
  • WooCommerce Settings
  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Installation of licensed plugins
  • Update WooCommerce core & plugins.
  • Cloud Backups

Yes, view our hosting plans here. If you’re currently hosting with Site Minions and are experiencing issues, you can reach out to our server support team.

Publishing covers the creation of new content on your website. This could be a new blog post, a news article, a new product, a new page, or  a new photo gallery, you name it.  Our Site Minions assist in the following:

  • optimize target page for  search engines (seo).
  • image conversion, we will resized and compressed for the web.
  • valid html and css.
  • check for spelling mistakes.
  • install and configure plugins.

If a publishing request is determined it may exceed 60 minutes we will provide a quote.

All content will be supplied by the client.

Our maintenance plans are focused on the maintenance of your website and in-depth SEO is outside the scope of our maintenance plan. But we will happy to install great SEO plugins. Keep in mind, SEO is a long process with slow results.
A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a group of servers located around the globe that store copies of your website’s assets, such as your images, CSS, Javascript, etc. These servers then deliver your website’s information to your visitors based on the closest geographic location, thus making your website faster.

A small task is typically finished the same business day (within a 3-6 hour window) it’s requested.

A Publishing task is typically finished the same business day (within a 3-12 hour window) it’s requested.

All tasks requested after 6pm CST will be completed the next business day.

Of course, any site serviced by our Site Minions will be restored immediately.

New clients? Our Site Minions will attempt every possible means to try to recover your site.

However, we can’t guarantee a full restore.  The possibility of a full restore will depends on the severity of the hack damage and if you have a recent backup of your site.

Once you’ve activated WordPress Maintenance Plan, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to provide us with all of the necessary information safely and securely. Migration and setup normally takes place within 24-48 hours after receiving all necessary information.